How to set up Windows 11 with no Internet
Windows 11

How to set up Windows 11 with no Internet

The first time you use Windows 11, you can get stuck at a point where you need an Internet connection to proceed, or an online Microsoft account. In this guide I show you how to get around it both of these.

I’ve made a Youtube video that explains the steps in this tutorial. Or, read on!

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to set up Windows 11 with no Internet

  1. Get a command prompt

    Press the Shift and F10 keys together. You’ll see a command prompt appear on the screen.

  2. Type taskmgr

    Type the following into the command prompt: taskmgr
    Then press the Enter key.

  3. Click More Details

    When the Task Manager window opens, click More Details at the bottom.

  4. Find Network Connection Flow

    Look through list list for Network Connection Flow. This list is alphabetical, so you’ll need to scroll down to the N’s/
    Click on Network Connection Flow to select it.

  5. Click End Task

    Click on End Task, and then close the Task Manager.
    You can close the command prompt too.
    Now you can set up the computer by typing in your name.